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Meet The Team

We carefully selected our crew from the dangerous diamond mines in the amazon jungle. These diamonds in the rough each have such raw talent and beauty they make our business and service shine!


Oeloff De Meyer & Christina Rose

Teamwork makes the dream work. 

Together they have created a family and a business.

Oeloff's brain lives in the details of information technology and is the method behind the madness.

Christina's wheelhouse is in operations and business strategy and organizes the madness. 

the techs that whisper softly

Tom Agustin

Tech Whisperer

Tom loves dangerous bike rides through trees and collecting computer hardware. 

You'll find Tom competing to jump on the helpdesk the fastest. Tom's experience and skill has helped us grow faster than we ever thought! 

Cinco De Meyer

Master of Floofiness

Cinco loves long walks anywhere and pretending he's bigger then he is. You will find cinco greeting you at the door.

2015 - 2022

Cinco was a part of our Technology Solve team and our family and we will miss him dearly. 

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