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We're kinda like your own little IT department
Only happier.

Technology support, literally at your fingertips.

We’ve seen it all. We’ve solved it all.

If you don’t speak tech, you’re in luck: we do. Led by our Chief Technology Whisperer, Oeloff De Meyer, whatever your issue, we’ve been there. Cutting through the confusion of the IT world to make customers happy and keep businesses running is what we do best.

Everyone wants an IT friend in their back pocket. And now you’ve got one. Let us be your resource for all things technology.

We exist to make your life easier with painless and accessible IT support. Simple.

About Us

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Our Services

Technology services and support with a smile.

We offer Home Computer Support, Business Technology Support, Cloud Services, Cyber Security, and Web Development.
Click the icons below to learn about how we can help you to shine a light in the dark.

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Everything needs to be backed up. When  your data isn't backed up you run the risk of losing it forever. For home or business, Cloud backup is the most secure and reliable way.  Did we mention it's cheap?! 

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Let us become your full service IT department without the overhead. Get the best technology and proactive IT support for one simple monthly price. 


We keep an eye on everything and make sure your computer environment is healthy, safe, connected and always up to date. If you do have any issues, we are just a phone call away and, on your computer, solving your issue in seconds.

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Take advantage of Cloud services and move your office to the virtual world. Access to everything anytime, anywhere and unprecedented security. 

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Today's sophisticated security threats call for more than just anti malware and anti virus - they call for full security plans. Protect your business with our 4 point cyber security plan with Technology Solve's Security Shield.

Remote Support will change your world.

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Business Support

You should be off drinking a glass of wine with the others. Get out of crisis mode and let us be your proactive resource for all things technical. 

From our clients:

I just want to thank Technology Solve for the excellent service they provided. Oeloff helped me with my computer in the middle of the evening for a few hours until he was totally satisfied with the performance of the computer. I am so grateful for your help. I am totally satisfied with how my computer runs now. I just want to recommend Oeloff and his team and congratulate them on an excellent service provided. Thank you so much.

Maritha P.

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