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Giving Back

How the journey began with Technology Solve and St. Cecilia Orphanage.

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Our intention was always to serve humanity and support community where and when we could. Oeloff was born and raised in South Africa. This gave us a strong understanding of the need in African countries, knowing it first hand. 

Over the past few years, we began our journey of looking for opportunities to help where we could. Then, along came St. Cecilia. An underdeveloped orphanage, surviving on love. 

Providing donations and funds are a necessary support, however a first step towards the future. Our goals are to travel to Zambia regularly to work hand in hand with the orphanage, and discover how we can further develop the facility.  While covid continues to make travelling difficult, we are eager to support these children now. 


We will eventually set up volunteer opportunities, as Cecilia guides us and we learn from her grace.  

Our initial goal is to raise enough money to help provide food and clothing for a year, purchase an irrigation pump for their farm and send the younger children to school.

Our long term goal is work with the orphanage to help them stand on their own.

About the Orphanage

In 2012, Cecilia took in 4 children, abandoned by their parents, ranging in age from 7 to 3 years old. Due to high poverty, or other reasons, many more children have been left to Cecilia since then. The orphanage now has 45 children, including two babies under 2 years old. 

The children are cared for by Cecilia and her sisters, as well as some of the older orphans. They do not have the means to hire help. The children survive off of one meal per day, which comes from the garden they grow or from donations from well wishers. 

Our journey is one that is working towards self sustenance. We believe that just because our lives have taken a turn, it means that we have the opportunity to be creative, hard working, and strive for a beautiful life for ourselves.

We are pioneers of "Stand Alone Spirit". Our aim is to make a difference in society by planting a seed of change, hope and hard work in all people.

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