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It's not about creating a beautiful website, its about getting your business to 2023. Time to function THROUGH the web.


Websites we've created

Keyboard and Mouse


Let us design you a website that not only grabs attention, but is also functional, organized, and easy for your users to navigate! 

Every Website Includes:

Design, concept and build

Link to business social media pages

Domain search and set up

Search Engine Optimization and

Google Maps set-up

Websites can also Include:

Taking your business online. Moving some of your forms and functionalities to take place automatically through your website. like...


Online booking & Events

E commerce - Online Store

Payment processing

Fillable forms

Contracts and Signatures


A website is like a store front. You need to entice people to visit! A successful website has a defined and consistent brand, and different platforms pointing your ideal client to it. It's a big job - but don't worry. We are here to help!

Technology Solve can help you with your brand design and online marketing. This includes:

  • Brand Profile

  • Logo Design

  • Advertisement Design

  • Social Media Strategy & Planning

  • & Anything in between

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