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*Per Device Per month       billed annually or   $35 month to month


Unlimited instant remote support

Comprehensive Security

Anti Virus | Anti Malware

Monitoring and system health checks

Security and quality Microsoft system updates

Network management


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It's simple. For one monthly fee, we install a remote management system on your computer. We keep an eye on everything and make sure your environment is healthy, safe, connected and always up to date. If you do have any issues, we are just a phone call away and, on your computer, solving your issue in seconds. We take a proactive approach and as your IT department we make sure your technology is working before it breaks.

Home Support Includes:

Remote support - Any issues you are having, big or small, remote support via phone is instant and unlimited.

Anti Virus | Anti Malware - Protect against known and new viruses. Behavioral scanning and continuous monitoring shut down even the most sophisticated Malware.


Monitoring and system health checks- We keep an eye on your hard-drive mechanical functionality, make sure your data is safe and secure, as well as watch for storage space.

Security and quality Microsoft system updates- Completing updates on time keeps your computer safe and working to its fullest capacity with the newest features.

Network management - You'll have a seamless internet connection considering we’re monitoring your network 24/7. We get a notification when your internet connection drops so we are fixing it before you ask for help. ​

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