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Work from anywhere on anything at anytime... Why you should switch to Office 365

technology solve working from the beach using office 365
  1. Office 365 allows you to have access to all your documents and all your applications you love to use literally on any device at any time. Your phone, tablet, laptop or someone else's laptop for that matter. You and your staff no longer have to stay chained to their work station or their typical computer. Working from the cottage on a tablet or moving around from location to location its all the same now as you will have access to everything!

  2. It will grow with your business - Office 365 works on a system of pay for what you are using/need. When your organization grows, you can simply pay for the additional services and data storage you need. You can easily add more license's or scale down whenever you want. OneDrive for Business - which is where you store your data - offers a huge amount of space at an amazingly affordable cost. You’ll never have the headache of buying new hard drive for storage space ever again.

  3. You can get picky about who gets what license - Each user can have a different license. Choose who has premium and who has basic. If someone doesn't need all the bells and whistles then stick to the basic, or if a more senior staff needs access to everything, give them the works. You get to choose!

  4. Updates are automatic and won't affect your business - because Microsoft handles all the updates on their end they are done automatically and you can continue to work seamlessly with no down time.

  5. Everything is seamless - We've all been there where your using 10 different applications with different companies and different passwords on different websites.....Office 365 has all the applications you need and more and they all work seamlessly together from the same dashboard. One login, one home page, for a seamless working experience that integrates all your work and all your employees.

  6. Migrations really easy - We'll do everything for you so just say the word and the migrations done!

Reach out to Technology Solve today to hear about how we can get you started on Office 365! 204-730-3032

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