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Ransomware Threats Increasing

ransomware threats increasing

These days Ransomware threats are happening more and more often. Hackers hold your data ransom and ask for large sums of money before they release it. The problem is most antivirus's don't protect against this and not everyone has bought into just how important back up is yet. The reality is, if your data's not backed up, you're going to lose it.

Just within the last month we saw 2 ransomware attacks in small Brandon business's. Don't think your a business they're interested in? Think again. They know the small business's aren't always prepared and that's why they'e going after you.

They take all data and files and completely wipe your computer. If your lucky you have a back up or are saving your files in the Cloud. Otherwise your up that creek. You have to either pay the ransom or risk losing everything.

So what can you do?

Get Back Up and save EVERYTHING in the cloud.

Typically ransomware can't access the cloud so if you save all your files in the cloud or have a cloud server, your safe. However that doesn't protect against the applications you have running on your computer and whatever information you have saved within them. Your favorites on your web browser, your shortcuts, all your application set ups. At the end of the day its a good idea to do both. Save all your files in the cloud, never save anything directly to your device and get backup to restore your device to function back to normal. The really good backups take an actual perfect copy of your device as it currently is so beyond just your files you don't have to spend hours re typing in passwords and linking favorites.

So whats the cloud and how do I get my stuff in it?

To the typical user Office 365 is the easiest way to leverage the cloud. Office 365 isn't just your typical outlook and word, it includes many applications two of which are file sharing and storage tools that save all your information in the cloud. The best part is it looks and feels just like its saved on your computer so you don't have to learn any new tricks to use it. SharePoint and OneDrive are the two applications within Office 365 where you can save your files.

Beyond that, get a cloud server. If you still have a hardware server its seriously time to think about upgrading it. Overall cloud servers are just better, more features easier to use, faster, smarter but most importantly WAY more secure. Ransomware can't reach cloud servers, end of story.

Aside from the imminent threat of ransomware, what if your laptop explodes or you pour a glass of wine on it(guilty!!). Back up saves you from everything.

Long story short get back up and use the cloud, that's it!!!!!!!

Need any help? Give us a call 204-730-3032

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