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Keeping a Healthy Computer - Tip #1 Make sure your updates are done all the time!

Sometimes its the simple things that we don't always take time for that make a big impact with the overall health of our PC. Here are a few key things you should always do to keep your computer working at the speed you want and protected from unwanted threats.

1. Make sure your computer is updated all the time. Whether its Microsoft or MACOSX, making sure your operating system is updated all the time is key. Updates are pushed out for windows a couple times a month, MACOSX is random. These updates will have patches to glitches they have found in their software to improve your user experience and cover up cracks in the software that pose threats to your computer. Anti Virus is extremely important on any computer but making sure your computer is updated all the time is your first line of defense to all threats.

2. If you are on Windows 10 your updates should be done automatically for you. Any version older then that and you will have to do the updates yourself. MACOSX will prompt you to do the updates but won't automatically do the updates for you.

3. You should check to see if you need any updates done. For Windows, go to start then settings and click on your Update and Security center. From there you should be able to see if any updates need to be done. MACOSX, go to your app store and then click on updates. From there doing updates are fairly easy, just follow the prompts.

4. Or to make sure all your updates are done on time for you so all you have to do is enjoy using your computer, sign up for our Business or Home Essential Package. Technology Solve keeps eyes on your computer 24/7 and does all the updates for you as soon as they are released. Its done on the back end so it won't effect your user experience and you can just sit back, relax and get back to doing whatever it was that you were doing!

For more information on Home Support Click the link

For more information on Business Support Click the link

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